A dream that has become a reality


On 7th of December 2017, SWIG leaders from all corners of the earth (Australia, Oman, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Norway, Italy) and the SWIG directors visited the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark.

The excursion was conducted by Nadezhda Kosareva, general director of CJSC "String Technologies" of project company SkyWay.

Nadezhda Gennadyevna greeted everyone with affection and answered with joy all the questions of those present. She thanked everyone who contributed to the development of SkyWay.



The weather was very pleasant - the soft and fluffy snow fell smoothly. Everyone looked around and admired the wonderful views of the ETP. All those who attended, saw by their own eyes how the tests of unibike and unibus were conducted.



Nadezhda Gennadyevna invited everyone to visit the SkyWay Museum. It was amazing, since not all of those present could visit the museum on 1th of July because of a very large queue. And this time everyone could find own name and take a picture. Everyone was happy, like kids:) Nadezhda Gennadyevna was pleased everyone with the news that the names of investors will still fit into the "starry sky" on the second floor.

After visiting the Museum, everyone went to a 14-seat unibus to ride on it. The first people came in, and the unibus started. Unibus smoothly climbed up and also sank in the same way. The doors opened - and now they are the happy faces of people who believed, dreamed and helped to the project. All shouted: "Gagarins", and someone: "Squirrel and Arrow." All around was magic and positive energy.



After these races, Nadezhda Gennadyevna invited the participants of the excursion to the fireplace room, where was an adorned table for everyone, with the dishes from vegetables and fruits grown in the ETP.

Surprises continued. During the meal the leader from Italy made a proposal of the hand and heart to his beloved woman, which caused the audience to have joyful tears in their eyes. And let many did not know the language, but everyone understood what was being said. The energy was very friendly.



But even this was not all surprises. Nadezhda Gennadievna reported that after the ETP everyone would go into SW production. It was unexpected. Women admired what they saw, and men asked technical questions. It was very interesting to observe the work process. Those present saw firsthand how everything is going on: the hall where tests are being conducted, experimental industrial designs, a model room where models are created. Unfortunately, we will not be able to please you with a photo report from the production of SkyWay, because photography in production is prohibited.


In conclusion, Nadezhda Gennadyevna told about some working processes, shared important moments about the documentation and how the audit is conducted. And also announced a surprise, which awaits everyone after the New Year - watch the news.

The trip ended with a general photo. All returned to their hotel tired, pleased, under the impression. Participants of the excursion shared their emotions from what they saw. Some said that only now they realized what happened to them, because the realization of reality often comes after emotions flooded.

The trip to ETP was fascinating, interesting, unusual and friendly. Wait for the video report from the scene of events.


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